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Dave Lennox Signature® Collection Air Handlers: the Quietest and Most Efficient You Can Buy

High efficiency. Reliable. Quiet. Those words all describe qualities found in our Dave Lennox Signature® Collection air handlers. If we get into the specifics, you’ll also find variable speed blower motors, which gradually increases fan speed so you get the ideal temperature every time. It’ll also help improve humidity control while maintaining energy efficiency and running quietly. High efficiency coils also contribute to the energy efficiency of these systems, leading to decreased utility expenses for your family. Find out more about the Dave Lennox Signature Collection air handlers we offer at iTemp Heating and Air Conditioning in Morton Grove below, and give us a call at 773-704-0640 or use our online schedule to create an appointment.

CBX40UHV Variable Speed Air Handler

You get an air handler to improve the comfort of your home, and exceptional comfort is exactly what you’ll receive from the CBX40UHV. Between having an automatic comfort control that lowers those high summertime humidity levels to the variable speed motor, which quietly circulates air efficiently, you may not realize when your system is operating. And then you’ll see your utility bill. This system uses 66% less energy than competing single-speed models, so you can enjoy the effects without worrying about your energy consumption.

  • SilentComfort technology delivers quiet heating and cooling.
  • Variable speed blower motor adjusts air speeds to offer more consistent temperature, enhanced humidity control, improved indoor air quality and added comfort.
  • Factory-installed MERV 16 Precision Pleat media filter helps provide healthier air.
  • Staged electric heat strips provide exactly the right amount of heat.
  • iComfort®-enabled technology so the air handler can be integrated with the programmable iComfort Wi-Fi® touchscreen thermostat, enabling you to easily adjust the temperature in your home for high performance and efficiency.
  • Antimicrobial drain pan – includes an agent to prevent mold and mildew growth.
  • Up-flow/horizontal orientation, with down-flow optional – for installation flexibility.
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty on covered parts
CBX40UHV Variable Speed Air Handler
Price Guide: $$$

CBX32MV Variable Speed, Multi-position Air Handler

The CBX32MV has all the features you could want in an air handler replacement for your Morton Grove home. For starters, it helps you become more environmentally friendly. The system is created for use with the non-ozone depleting R410A refrigerant, which helps ensure efficient operation. The variable speed motor and high efficiency coils also help with efficiency, which will help reduce your energy consumption. SilentComfort™ technology also contributes to minimal operating sounds, helping you turn your home into a relaxing haven. Other features include:

  • High efficiency evaporator coil produces efficient heat transfer.
  • Variable speed blower motor offers better humidity control, improved indoor air quality and a more constant air temperature while operating quietly and efficiently.
  • Insulated blower compartment decreases operating sounds.
  • Staged electric heat strips – for the perfect amount of heat.
  • iComfort®-enabled technology allows you to connect the air handler with the iComfort Wi-Fi® thermostat.
  • Antimicrobial drain pan resists against mold and mildew.
  • 4-way multi-position orientation for increased installation flexibility.
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty on covered parts
CBX32MV Variable Speed, Multi-position Air Handler
Price Guide: $$$

CBWMV Variable Speed Hydronic Air Handler

Reliability is a quality you want to have in any appliance, and it’s a key feature in the CBWMV air handler, which includes built-in freeze protection and electronic control that automatically controls the system’s operation. This system also has a fully insulated cabinet to minimize operating sounds and has one of the most flexible designs. Its 4-way multi-position orientation allows for increased flexibility during installation.

  • High efficiency hot water coil offers outstanding heat transfer and efficiency.
  • Fully insulated cabinet ffor minimized operating sounds.
  • Variable speed blower motor alters air speeds for quiet, high-efficiency comfort.
  • Built-in freeze protection – helps reduce stress in every season.
  • 4-way multi-position orientation for more installation flexibility.
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty on covered parts
CBWMV Variable Speed Hydronic Air Handler
Price Guide: $$$
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